Frequently Asked Questions

1Is the DCG President actually involved with each client’s project?
Yes, DCG is committed to a team approach in the operation of the firm and in its client’s activities. The President leads the team in achieving its mission and goals, and to ensure positive change for each of our nonprofit and grantmaking clients.

1How long do projects take?
The length of time dedicated to a particular project depends on the scope of work. DCG’s approach is rooted in anthropological principles of relationship building and information gathering, so that we make appropriate decisions and true impact on the organizations. This takes time. Project timelines can range from a couple of months to more than a year.

1Does DCG consider short-term projects?
Yes, we have designed and facilitated retreats, trainings, and facilitations to empower grantmakers and nonprofit agencies to increase their capacity to seize opportunities, address challenges, and position themselves for the future. Because our work includes planning and follow up, short-term projects lead to lasting value.

1Will DCG work with a small organization?
Yes. We are more concerned with the work, vision, and values of the organization than with its size. All clients receive individualized solutions, because we want to do the best job we can given the specific client’s needs. Visit our nonprofit client list and our grantmaker client list to learn more.

1 I am an individual philanthropist. Can you help me prioritize and plan my giving?
Absolutely. DCG is experienced in guiding high net worth individuals to create giving plans, develop a new foundation, use donor advised funds for maximum impact, and engage family members in philanthropy. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

1How is the fee structure determined?
Clients are invoiced monthly at a rate agreed upon through a written contract between the client and consultant. Normally, an overall project cost is determined at the onset, although it is possible to arrange an hourly rate for work as needed.

1When can I get started?
The first step in considering a project with Draper Consulting Group is to set up a meeting with the President and leadership staff to discuss your needs (Contact Us). DCG will then draft a proposal that clearly articulates the scope of work and cost estimate for the project. Projects generally begin immediately upon the signing of the contract.

1How does DCG work with clients during the project?
DCG involves our entire team in each project, which means we are up-to-date on the progress of your project and can respond to your immediate needs. Our understanding of complex social problems, strategic philanthropy, and nonprofit management can help you make informed decisions about priorities and programming.