DCG works with Philanthropy

We understand the challenges funders face on a daily basis. In a world with increasingly complex social issues, the demand for philanthropy has never been greater.

DCG is a vital partner to grantmakers to help address issues of governance, performance, and effective grantmaking. We approach every project as unique and adapt the project scope to a funder’s core needs and desired outcomes. We want to make sure your generosity results in lasting social impact.

DCG offers a comprehensive experience with family, private, community, and corporate grantmakers. Our knowledge of a wide range of effective practices allows us to address a grantmaker’s specific needs and honor their unique culture. We are actively involved in regional and national grantmaking communities and up-to-date on methods to achieve maximum benefit and leverage investments through partnerships and collaboration.

Our on-the-ground understanding of how nonprofits work, the challenges they face, and innovative strategies to address societal issues helps ground grantmaker clients. It leads to practical solutions in foundation grantmaking programs and services.