Philanthropy Services

We offer a wide array of support and services to grantmakers including:


[toggle title=”New Foundation Creation”]DCG has been a primary partner in designing new philanthropies from mission statement to program development, policies and procedures, and new staff on-boarding. We work closely with the originating donors or organizations to create modern and effective grantmaking institutions, removing trial and error and promoting a sound foundation for future growth.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Family Philanthropy”]DCG specializes in assisting family foundations to operate effectively while taking into consideration family issues and needs. We help family foundations incorporate next generations, honor donor intent, improve board functioning, and recruit and train staff. We are adept at addressing the dynamics of family branches, geographic disbursement, and stylistic differences. We create cohesion and unified direction.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Strategic Planning and Retreat Facilitation”]Retreats are a powerful method of engaging foundation leadership in examining grantmaking and governance and making decisions about the future. DCG plans and facilitates retreats to discuss core opportunities and challenges, policies and procedures, and priorities and desired impact.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Capacity Building for Grantees”]DCG designs and administers innovative and relevant technical assistance programs for grantmakers to build grantee capacity in nonprofit management, planning, board engagement, and fund development. Our capacity building approaches lead to practical solutions and lasting shifts in nonprofit organizations toward greater effectiveness and sustainability.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Program Planning”]DCG works to equip both new and established foundations for the future. We help grantmakers refine mission and vision, create new grantmaking programs, and develop evaluation methods and benchmarks. We develop staff training and coaching that can increase effectiveness in working externally as well as internally.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Funder Collaboratives and Learning Communities”]DCG recognizes the significant value in bringing grantmakers together. Convenings allow funders and professionals in the philanthropic space to participate in intellectually stimulating sessions to stay abreast of topics in the field, the opportunity to collaborate to realize collective impact, and the ability to increase effectiveness and ultimately strengthen the nonprofit sector.

DCG has played an active role in the creation and implementation of funder collaboratives and learning communities at the regional and national level. DCG conceived of and continues to coordinate and implement the Annenberg Foundation’s Alchemy Gold program, a convening of over 30 grantmakers in the Los Angeles area committed to capacity building and strengthening the sector. Additionally, DCG designed and raised the first three years of funding for Women Give!, a major Southern California Grantmakers initiative to expand women’s leadership in philanthropy.

At the national level, Dr. Draper founded the National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers in 2007 to provide a learning community and a forum for open discussion among consultants dedicated to increasing philanthropy and deepening its impact.[/toggle]