Nonprofit Services

Our comprehensive capacity building services to nonprofit organizations include:


[toggle title=”Strategic Planning”]Our rigorous approach to planning guides our clients in assessing the state of their organization, identifying organizational priorities, and defining the paths to achieve their goals. We root planning in multi-year projection of income and expenses so that organizations determine realistic objectives, know the cost of implementation, and have a revenue generation plan to attract necessary resources.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Fundraising”]We teach our clients how to increase private sector support from foundations, corporations, and individuals in order to diversify funding and encourage sustainability. In addition to strategy and counsel, DCG provides hands-on assistance, training, and mentorship so that boards and staff can build their capacity to be effective fundraisers after our work is complete.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Capital Campaigns”]We specialize in planning and implementing “first campaigns.” Many organizations must conduct a campaign and have the will to accomplish their goals, but may need help to shore up volunteer leadership, fundraising systems and staff, and build an adequate prospective donor base. DCG works with organizations to develop campaigns that not only raise money to reach the financial goal, but also build overall fundraising capacity and long-term sustainability as a result.

First Campaigns: One of DCG’s core areas of expertise is working with organizations embarking on their first capital campaign. First campaigns present unique challenges and risks because many of the systems and building blocks of diversified fundraising are not yet in place, and board and staff, while willing, often lack direct experience in campaign fundraising. First campaigns require innovative methods beyond standardized, traditional approaches.

At DCG, we:

  • Focus not just on reaching the fundraising goal for the campaign, but really building capacity within the organization: enhancing infrastructure, creating fundraising tools and policies, increasing staff and board capabilities in fundraising, and actually building a base of donors for long and healthy relationships
  • Work side-by-side with volunteer leaders and staff and provide hands-on assistance to guide them through a process of transformation, rather than simply providing strategic advice
  • Understand the importance of protecting the annual fund during the campaign, so the organization’s programming and general operations remain strong
  • Change the culture of an organization to one rooted in resource development and community investment


[toggle title=”Board and Staff Development including Retreat Facilitation”]We strengthen the effectiveness and engagement of volunteer and staff leadership through retreats, executive coaching, and leadership training. Our board retreats are highly participatory and outcomes oriented. They result in inspired teams with consensus about the roadmap forward. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Cost-Effective Capacity Building through Grantmaker Programming”]DCG designs and administers technical assistance programs for grantmakers. These include: Annenberg Foundation’s Alchemy Leadership Seminar and Alchemy+; Curbside Consulting™ for The California Endowment/Long Beach Nonprofit Partnership, California Community Foundation, and Flintridge Foundation; and the Brown Bag Lunch Training Series for the John Gogian Family Foundation. Please contact us for eligibility and an invitation to participate.

DCG Curbside Consulting™: DCG Curbside Consulting™ is an effective first step for organizations in marginalized communities to gain expert consultation. Under resourced communities often experience a tremendous gap between their experience and needs and the capacity building services offered widely to the nonprofit sector. DCG Curbside Consulting™ offers immediate, flexible counsel to small and mid-sized organizations in greatest need.

  • Organizations share “what keeps them up at night” for quick and efficient problem solving and action planning
  • Guidance is offered in areas such as strategic planning and budget development, program development, board and staff development, and fund development

DCG’s expert consultants provide practical tools to help address on-the-ground needs, using their expertise in grantmaking, fund development, financial management, and nonprofit management. Organizations can sign up for one or more hour appointments, offered each month, for quick and efficient problem solving and action planning. Curbside sessions create an intimate, confidential, one-on-one environment for organizational leadership to air their problems and quickly identify and tackle the most critical issues for practical outcomes and solutions. DCG Curbside Consulting™ is a low cost way of reaching numerous nonprofits with high quality, in depth customized counseling.[/toggle]